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All About Norway

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Norway

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Norway
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Welcome to about_norway!

What this community is:
- A place to discuss anything about Norway and Norwegian culture and society.
- A place to get information about Norway
- A place to post information about Norway

What this community is NOT:
- A place to ask spesific questions about the Norwegian language. That's what norskstudent is for
- A place to post in Norwegian. This community is not just for people who understand and/or speak Norwegian, therefore we ask that all posts are made in English. There are a number of communities where you may post in Norwegian, including landet_norge and luft.

Posts not following the above guidelines will be deleted.

Some related communities you might want to check out:

norskstudent - For students of Norwegian.
landet_norge - A community about Norway, in Norwegian.
luft - Another community about Norway, in Norwegian.
immigration_sca - For people planning to emmigrate to Scandinavia.
osloogakershus - Oslo and Akershus spesific conversation, in Norwegian and English.